A Unique Accommodation Amidst the Grampians National Park

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    Golf course is next to Aquila
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    View on Aquila Eco Lodges from a helicopter.
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Aquila Home Page

Aquila Eco Lodges is a modern, nature retreat nestled in the Grampians National Park at the foot of Mount Abrupt, near Dunkeld township, that is well known for its great food and art.
Aquila has been rated as one of the 10 top destinations in Victoria by Tourism Victoria and won several tourism awards.
It has been designed as a contemporary showcase for living in harmony with the environment and is certified as a "Green Travel Leader" by Ecotourism Australia.

Aquila is a perfect destination for a retreat, romantic gateway and exploration of the Grampian’s native environment. We offer you a taste of true eco tourism and the most leisured and peaceful experience that you are not likely to forget. 
Please select "Aquila Accommodation Options" on the menu bar to explore the lodges.

For guests who would like to stay in town and experience the 'buz' of Dunkeld we can offer accommodation in the
Dunkeld Old Bakery. To explore this option please select "Dunkeld Old Bakery Accommodation Options" on the main menu.